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  1. Trend Garden:

  2. Farukbase: Alternative to Firebase. Real-time NoSQL Database at NPM .

  3. Neuroevolotion (evolotion.js): Genetic Algorithms library for JS.

  4. Resource Store: CMS, Data and file storage service API(rest) with advanced user management.

  5. fc_ram : in-memory key-value database for php 5.4 .

  6. TUBITAK 114E427: Script recognizer and Teaching System for supporting preschool students

  7. phpratik: Basic, pratic and Turkish PHP framework.

  8. Kâtip Framework: Nodejs framework.

  9. Basic Panel: CMS system

  10. Ritim (Turkish word rhythm analyzer)

  11. KESDP: File chopper project with Basic.Net Language.

  12. ÜyeYönetim? Intercompany Automation App

  13. Rapor ve Mazeret Otomatsyonu : Homework

  14. Cezeri: AI Module

  15. emlaktespit: bot for

  16. SubliminaLearn,

  17. ilmisima


  19. MirayJarvis: Virtual Assistant with C# and Rivescript

  20. lifecommit : LifeCommit is a PHP diary app .

  21. Argame:

  22. udacitySRTfix: