Real Car Parking

10m+ Installs

Realistic 3D Car Parking Simulation Game

(2017 - Only developer of the team)

Bus Similator Cockpit Go

1m+ Installs

Realistic 3D Bus Simulation Game

(2016 - Only developer of the team)

Abacus Ball Maze

Puzzle game - Ball Maze is a witty puzzle game full of fun and challenges.  

(2021 - for Leyla Games)

Angry Wife

Running game - You have been cheated by your ex, he is about to get married, catch up before he does! 

(2021 - for Leyla Games)

Falling Puzzle

Puzzle game - Drop the blocks in the right order in order to solve the puzzle and reach the picture. 

(2021 - for Leyla Games)

Face Cube

Puzzle game - Rotate the cubes and match the right faces to match the reference picture and win. 

(2021 - for Leyla Games)


A Puzzle Game

(2020 - for Ela Games)

Flappy Ball

(2021- for Leyla Games)

Laser Jumper

Tap to screen for start to run and tap again for jump to avoid from lasers! Run to other checkpoints and turn them to green! If you reach all checkpoints then you will finish the level!

(2022 - for Foxpider Games)

Color Resist

Defend yourself against colourful enemies! Make sure you send the right coloured characters against enemies. Destroy the enemy, and paint every position! If you can paint enough surface area, you'll activate fever mode. Every colour works against the rainbow, and you should make use of this! Be careful against stronger enemies, they might require more effort!

(2022- for Foxpider Games)


It's time to save your planet from the invaders! Start a journey to build up an army with the money cards you will collect. Purchase the strongest available troops to your team, because a ruthless army will be waiting for you at the end. Be careful on the way, though, and pay attention to the bonuses and traps on the way that could make your team stronger or be their demise!

(2022 - for Foxpider Games)

Reflex Shot

Are you a good shooter?

Wait for the Big punch, then aim for the guys! Shot the gangsters without shooting the explosives. Nail down the guys to the dart and score the highest points! It is easier to shoot when the slow-motion is active so be quick, shoot before it ends! Proof that you are a good shooter with your headshots, kill all the guys. Are you good enough to shoot them all without shooting the explosives?

(2020 - for Ela Games)

Perfect Timing

Let's take the social media challenge to another level!

Are you ready to play the funniest social media trending game?

As the line moves across the screen, it freezes the image in place. If you can move fast enough to the other side of the screen, have fun with interesting distortions and even crazy images.

(2020 - for Ela Games)

Guard n Slash

Throw shuriken to slice robbers and protect all money. All cops are grateful to you for protecting the money.

(2020 - for Ela Games)

Hyper Parking Sling 

Hypercasual parking game

(2020 - for Brat Games)

Bridge Loader

Pass the bridge. Can you fit them all?

(2020 - for Brat Games)

Fashion Dress Up Game

Online dress-up game and social media

(2018 - Only developer of the team)

Hyper Motocycle 

Hypercasual Motocycle Game

(2020 - for Brat Games)

Serial Shooter 

Hypercasual FPS shooting game

(2020 - for Brat Games)

Throwing Ball

Hypercasual Basket Game

(2020 - for Brat Games)


Open Source Okey Game Algorithms

(2020 - owner ) 

Roller Vortex

Addictive Hyper casual game! 

(2019 - owner)

Quadcopter Drone Similator

RC drone game with realistic, physical controls 

(2016 - with a partner)

Rocket : Planet Mars & Space

The minimalist rocket game against gravity 

(2018 - owner)


A minimalist game about sieve and objects 

(2018 - owner)

Real Timed Online Browser Game with ANN/GA AI,

(2016 - owner)

Realtime multiplayer browser nuclear war game

(2017 - owner)

Sandbox : Gravity Voyager

Do you wanna be a planet? 


(2016 - owner)

F16'ya atlamaca

Jump plane to a plane game

(2016 - owner)

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Who is Vampire?

A real-time politic, strategy and social intrigue game

(2015 - owner)

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Muhasara Online

Learn! Conquer! Build! Destroy!

(2014 - owner)

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Buz Hokey

Hack Riddle

Web game about cybersecurity with PHP

(2014 - owner)

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Voice Commanded Strategy Game

(2014 - project for a lecture)

Vampir Kim?

First PHP version of "Who is vampire?"

(2014 - owner)

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