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Faruk is a software engineer who professional in "backend development" and "game development".

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The software engineer

An engineer who is thirsty for knowledge, a great problem solver and solution developer.

  • Bachelor's degree in computer engineering. Master's degree in Cybersecurity

  • Strong curiosity, Critical&Analytical Thinking, Creative problem-solving,

  • Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Network, Data mining, Test Engineering, Parallel Programming, OOP, Computer Graphics

  • Coding skills with Javascript, C# and more 10+ languages.

The game developer

A creative game developer who has a deep understanding of game engine

  • Experience of cross-platform game engines : Unity 3D, LibGDX, Phaser(HTML5)

  • Online browser game development: HTML5 - Canvas, Three.js, Phaser and

  • Procedural Game/Level Design: Pseudo-random, Noises, Perlin Noise

  • Realtime Multiplayer, FPS, TPS, Vertex manipulation, Cloud Save, Friendship System, RPG, Market System, Economy System, Car,Motorcycle, Aircraft Controllers, Ragdoll/Humanoids

  • Spline Math, Beziers, Smoothings, Interpolations.

  • Advanced Physics, Optimizations, Global Positioning

  • Gameplay with touch, accelerometer, voice-control, geolocation, camera (AR)

  • Smart AI with Genetic Algorithms, Artificial neural network, Heuristic Algorithms

  • Game Development with C, C#, Java, Javascript, Rivescript

  • 30+ games developed: Go to the "Games" page

The backend developer

Lifelong learning backend developer.

  • Experience in Nodejs Development

    • Hapi.js, Express Frameworks

    • DBAL/ORM: Mongoose, Sequelize

    • Websocket applications and

    • Test-Driven Development with Mocha, Chai and Istanbul/NYC

    • ESLint and Clean Code Standard with ECMAScript (Javascript)

    • TSLint and Clean Code Standard with TypeScript

  • Experience in PHP Development

    • Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon Frameworks

    • DBAL/ORM: Doctrine

    • Test-Driven Development with PHPUnit library

    • PSR-2 Clean Code Standards, Best practices

  • RESTful APIS, Web Sites, Web Panels

  • MVC Architecture

  • Entirely development: Check projects

The database manager

A developer who knows select the best

  • RDBMS : MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

  • NoSQL : MongoDB, Redis

  • Realtime database : Firebase, RethinkDB

The hybrid mobile developer

A developer across multiple browsers, platforms, and devices, including smartphones and tablets

  • Cordova (VanillaJS)

  • Flutter ( Dart )

The devops engineer

Still learning curious DevOps engineer.

  • Source Code/ Version Control : git ( GitHub, GitLab) , Bitbucket

  • Kanban : Trello, Notion

  • Agile: JIRA

  • Build : Grunt

  • CI / CD : CircleCI, Github Actions

  • Test : PHPUnit, Mocha, Chai, Istanbul

  • Package Manager: NPM

  • PaaS : Heroku, Docker

  • AWS: S3

  • OS : Debian (Ubuntu) Linux, Windows

  • Push Notification: OneSignal

  • Analytics: Firebase

  • Monetization: Admob, Google Play IAP

Thank you for reading! Please check the CV files or LinkedIn profile for the details.

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